February 6

We're already in the TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame!


As every year, Tripadvisor has published the companies that have obtained the certificate of Excellence, an award that rewards the companies best valued by travellers from all over the world. However, for Hotel Posada de Roger it is much more than a single award, it is the recognition of our continuous effort to improve the standards of hospitality, service and customer service. Without a doubt, one more motivator to continue improving our performance.
For those who do not know this award, annually Tripadvisor rewards accommodation, restaurants and places of greatest interest to travelers. That is to say, those companies or places that have obtained better score, better quality, quantity and freshness in the comments and opinions, as well as a good ranking in the index of popularity of the web.
On behalf of all the staff of Hotel Posada de Roger, we thank you for the scores and comments we have made through this platform, both positive and negative, as they allow us to detect our mistakes and improve our eagerness to achieve unforgettable experiences for our guests.


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