January 9

Top 5 best restaurants near Hotel Posada de Roger


Puerto Vallarta is characterized by its diverse ways to make you spend an incredible vacation, offering excellent tourist attractions, nightlife, but above all, delighting even the most demanding palates with its innovative dishes and unique recipes of the region.
Among the various restaurants Puerto Vallarta has for you, there are a few more on a famous street in Basilio Badillo known for its variety of businesses ranging from hotels to restaurants, where Hotel Posada de Roger is located.
In this street you can find from breakfast to dinner.

Basilio comer y beber

Basilio Comer & Beber is an excellent choice of Italian cuisine, offering a calm and relaxing atmosphere, with a rustic and elegant decoration that captivates everyone who enjoys a delicious meal. It also has a small but exquisite variety of wines.

De cantaro

De Cantaro is a new and delicious addition to the row of restaurants in Basillo Badillo. It has a beautiful outdoor environment with a varied and delicious menu.

Margarita Grill

Margarita Grill a restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner at the soft ambient lights with live music and the best cocktails of the region, delicious sea dishes.

El mole de jovita

Offering a variety of ancient regional dishes with a gourmet touch that your palate will definitely enjoy. All the menu was planned thinking on what our beloved Mamá Jovita enjoyed cooking back in the day when she received the family on the mexican big holidays that gather sometimes up to 3 generations together, making each and every time a big celebration, using always the secret ingredient

Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

Joe Jacks-fish shack is a restaurant that is ideal for a dinner where your palate will experience a myriad of flavors. Characterized by its dishes that include seafood variety, salads and the best hamburgers in the area, as well as an endless number of drinks made from natural ingredients that will undoubtedly leave you with an excellent taste in your mouth.


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