October 11

Tips for travelers


Mispacking is probably the easiest way to ruin a trip. Not having appropriate attire or toiletries, or having important items broken in transit can really spoil a trip.
The number-one rule in packing for a trip, unless you have hired several football players to carry your gear for you, is to pack lightly. You will be moving your luggage into the trunk of your car, out of the trunk of your car, through the airport, off of the luggage carousel, to the train station, to the bus stop, onto the bus, off the bus, back two kilometers because you overshot your stop, up six flights of stairs, and onto the dresser.
While this might be great exercise, you might rather save your energy for climbing up to the top of the cathedral. Leave the bowling ball at home.


Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Contact lens equipment and spare glasses, Makeup (for business trips), Razor, Hair care equipment (brushes, comb, blow dryer), Business/calling cards.
If you are doing a low-budget trip, you should also bring cleansing products: Soap (in a plastic bag), Shampoo (or shave your head and use bar soap), Towel. If you will be looking at ceilings (like on a castle or church crawl), bring a small mirror so that you won’t strain your neck.
Clothes: take enough underwear for one week, or for the length of the trip plus two days, whichever is shorter. If you are traveling on business, you can probably take two suits and rotate between them. Bringing a pair of flip-flops (also called thongs or shower slippers). Not only can they come between you and the strange things that are growing in the bathroom of the scummy dive you ended up in, but if your shoes get wet, this gives yousomething that you can wear while they dry.
Miscellaneous: Day pack, Neck wallet or money belt, Tiny flashlight, Tape and magic marker, Earplugs, waterbottle, Phone Numbers, passport, Watch with alarm


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