October 11

Fine Dining in Puerto Vallarta


The Puerto Vallarta restaurant scene is so surprisingly diverse and extensive you would have to go to a different restaurant every day for over a year to try them all! Naturally, Puerto Vallarta is a great place to discover an amazing variety of Mexican dishes, as well as succulent seafood, fusions of popular cuisines like Mediterranean and Oriental, along with gourmet French foods; the list of restaurant dining opportunities seems endless. And whatever your mood and pocketbook, there’s an ambiance and location to suit you. And stellar views often accompany memorable meals.
There are two wonderful Puerto Vallarta restaurant events held each year you really should consider attending: theInternational Gourmet Festival in November and the Puerto Vallarta Lifestyles Restaurant Week in May. The list below is a sampling of the finest restaurants found in El Centro near Hotel Posada de Roger in Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque and historic downtown area.
Some of the best restaurants in Downtown Puerto Vallarta, near Hotel Posada de Roger.

  • Archie’s Wok: Francisca Rodriguez #130
  • Café des Artistes: Guadalupe Sanchez #740
  • Coco’s Kitchen: Pulpito #122
  • Don Guacamole: Olas Altas & Rodolfo Gómez
  • La Palapa: Pulpito #103
  • La Piazzetta: Rodolfo Gomez
  • Vista Grill: Pulpito #377


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