October 10

Vallarta´s Painter, “Javier Nino”


Originally from Puerto Vallarta, was born in that town magic when he was only 5000 people. He started making his sketches from school, making cartoons to their classmates. He is a painter since age 7. At an early age met extraordinary painter Manuel Lepe from Vallarta, for which he received a major influence on his work. He defines his work in two areas, one art “Vallarta” that becomes an important promoter of the image of Puerto Vallarta, and the other more academic, Modern Art on a summary of major influences of artists such as Picasso, Dali, Siqueiros, Orozco, Diego Rivera and Tamayo, among others.
Javier Niño has portrayed the Vallarta yesterday, the magic that evokes those people who started at Hidalgo Park and ended at the Cuale River. In his painting may be the gradual progress of the city. This important painter, Exit Academy of San Carlos, where they studied the best painters of Mexico. “I remember having to collaborate on a Yoga institute to sponsor my studies. But also take the opportunity to study esoteric philosophy and other areas, which positively influenced me. ”
Among his many works, “Javier Nino” painted  an amazing  mural in  Hotel Posada de Roger, which shows a beautiful image of  Malecon and downtown Puerto Vallarta


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