October 10

One Day Trip To Yelapa


The most common way to get there is by a water taxi known as a panga. The two main places to get into a panga are on Los Muertos beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta near  to Hotel Posada de Roger or on the beach at Boca de Tomatlan south of Puerto Vallarta.
The other two options are to hire a private boat for a day or buy one of the many day-trip boat packages booked through the tour agencies located in many of the hotels like Hotel Posada de Roger. Both of these options leave from the Puerto Vallarta’s marina. A round trip costs around US$22 for the day, it gives you more flexibility as far as when you leave and return. The day-trip package, which often includes a stop for snorkeling along the way costs around US$66 per person. These boats leave around 9:30 am  and return around 4:30.pm
What to do in Yelapa/Que hacer en Yelapa
Once on the beach the most common activity is to enjoy and relax Some visitors spread out a towel and lay on the beach soaking up the warm sunshine and listening to the rhythm of the water lapping the shore. For more energetic folks, there is a myriad of activities to do, such as hiking though the tiny village of Yelapa proper (riding horseback o bird watching
If you get thirsty or hungry, there are many small restaurants located right on the beach. Sit in a beach chair or at a table, dig your toes into the soft warm sand and enjoy a beer or your favorite tropical drink along with a traditional Mexican meal selected from the menu
Midway through your stay in Puerto Vallarta, you may be looking for a place to get away from the noise of the city. If so, Yelapa makes a great day-trip destination. In less than one hour, let yourself be transported years back in time.


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