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Puerto Vallarta: Imprescindibles que tienes que visitar en tu primera visita.


Located on the west coast of Mexico and continue enjoying the breeze of the Pacific Ocean, the city of Puerto Vallarta (state of Jalisco) is one of the most important vacation destinations in the country. Here we share some of the must-see places in Puerto Vallarta during a visit to this small tourist corner of Mexico.

The Vallarta Marina

Just 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta we find the most modern, sophisticated, and elite area of the city. The Vallarta Marina is home to numerous yachts, motorboats, cruise ships, and dream boats, as well as numerous hotels and restaurants geared towards the more affluent tourist. The attraction of the Vallarta Marina lies in taking a pleasant stroll near the sea enjoying the sea breeze and admiring some of its yachts as we approach the Malecon.

The Malecon

This is the promenade that has bordered part of the coast of Puerto Vallarta since the 30s of the last century. It is almost a kilometer long, along which there are small stores, bars, restaurants, and all kinds of street vendors that give this area a very special character. Here you will find the famous arches of Puerto Vallarta, one of the icons of this area of Mexico. A stroll along the Malecon at sunset is highly recommended.
It is common during the walk to find sand sculptures on the beaches that we observe. They are ephemeral and very attractive works of art.

Sculptures of Puerto Vallarta

During the walk along the boardwalk, we find a series of bronze sculptures, among them the Sea Horse, the Fountain of Friendship, and the Millennium Sculpture, symbols of Puerto Vallarta. A piece of advice we give you is to try the tuba in any corner of your walk along the Malecon.
What is tuba? Tuba is an exotic and typical drink that consists of coconut palm water mixed with some fruit and nuts such as ground walnuts or peanuts, delicious!

The Romantic Zone

Also known as Old Vallarta, the Romantic Zone of the city is the most traditional and oldest sector of Puerto Vallarta. In our opinion, the real charm of Vallarta is here, not in vain it has cobblestone streets full of small cafes, bars, restaurants, stores, and small hotels. In this demarcation, we find the famous Los Muertos Beach where Puerto Vallarta’s new pier is located. In its center, a large sail is illuminated during the evening giving this spot a singular beauty. In the surroundings, we find numerous lodgings that we recommend if you want to escape a little from big hotels with hundreds of rooms.
This will be easy to visit if you stay with us because we are located in the heart of the romantic area.

Cuale Island

Vallarta’s Romantic Zone begins south of the Cuale River (one of the seven rivers that originate in the nearby mountains) on which we find a small island. This is the site of the city’s most important open-air handicrafts market, but it is also home to the Cuale Cultural Center, the Cuale Museum and elegant restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta’s main square

Puerto Vallarta’s main square is the Plaza de Armas, the heart of the town of Puerto Vallarta. A landscaped area where the sculpture of Don Ignacio L. Vallarta, former governor of the state of Jalisco (1830 – 1893) is located. The curious note is that on Sundays part of the local population congregates in this plaza to dance.

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This is the most important religious building in the town of Puerto Vallarta. Its tower has become one of the symbols of Puerto Vallarta from whose vicinity we can obtain beautiful panoramic views of this part of the city.

The beaches of Puerto Vallarta

In the Nuevo Vallarta area, there are four beaches: Playa de Oro, Playa Los Tules, Playa Las Glorias, and Playa Tranquila. Towards the south, we find the best-known beach, Playa de Los Muertos located in the Romantic Zone. Two kilometers of beach where you can enjoy numerous water activities as well as taste the best local cuisine sitting on the sand.

Los Arcos Marine Park

A conglomerate of granite islands makes up the emblematic Los Arcos Marine Park in Puerto Vallarta. They are located south of Las Banderas Bay between Mismaloya and Las Gemelas beaches. Approximately 12 kilometers from Puerto Vallarta. To get there you can take a boat from Los Muertos beach with a tour that includes snorkeling for about 900 pesos or from Mismaloya beach for about 700 pesos.


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