October 27

The Day of the Dead Festival in Puerto Vallarta 2019


The Day of the Dead

The tradition of the Day of the Dead arises as part of the religious syncretism, in the colonial epoch. During the pre-Hispanic period, the cult of death was present in different cultures throughout Mexico.
On November 1st, All Saints Day is celebrated according to Catholic tradition. On this date are remembered all those who died without being blessed and saints, as well as those who died at an early age as children. According to the Catholic religion, on the Day of the Faithful Dead on November 2, prayer is held for those who have not entered paradise.
In Mexico, the traditions of this celebration include visiting loved ones who have left cemeteries and preparing altars with food, candles, incense, photographs, and flowers to remember them. It is only during these days that the souls of loved ones can return from beyond to be close to their own.

The festival in Puerto Vallarta

The Day of the Dead Festival seeks to keep alive the diverse ancestral traditions of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, as well as being a window to show the world the vast culture of our country. Through ancient customs and different contemporary artistic expressions, this very Mexican tradition is preserved.
From October 31st to November 3rd, come and discover the multiple cultural and artistic activities that Puerto Vallarta has prepared for you to enjoy the traditional Day of the Dead Festival. Be part of the excellent folkloric atmosphere, full of music, flavors, and colors of the altars and offers exhibitions throughout the city center.
Enjoy this festival in one of the most important beach destinations in Mexico, and live this millennial tradition up close.

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