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Mirador de la Cruz: A beautiful view of Puerto Vallarta


With the perfect combination of beaches and mountains, Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican paradise, and for those who love the outdoors and the warm sun. One of the activities you should do when visiting the historic center of Puerto Vallarta is to venture up the hill of the cross and reach the Mirador de la Cruz, a magnificent aerial view of the entire city awaits you.
Getting to Mirador de la Cruz is quite simple if you know which street to take and follow the signs. One of the best tips for hiking to Mirador de la Cruz is to start from the Malecón, which makes it quite a straight road.
[2018-08-11] Mirador La Cruz - 1749

How to get there

  1. From the Malecón, take Abasolo Street in a opposite direction to the sea and head towards the high hills behind the city.
  2. After a couple of blocks, turn left onto Emilio Carranza Street.
  3. Turn right at Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Street. On the way, several hand-painted signs indicate how to get to Mirador de la Cruz.
  4. Soon you will reach a long set of white stairs leading to the viewpoint and the best view of Puerto Vallarta.

We recommend that you take your time when hiking to Mirador de la Cruz, it may be close but the climb is uphill and can be heavy if you are not in good physical condition. You should also consider bringing water and sturdy shoes. The walk will only take 15-20 minutes, so don’t feel the need to carry heavy bottles of water or snacks along the way, as this is one of the simplest free activities in Puerto Vallarta.
From the platform at the top of Puerto Vallarta’s Mirador de la Cruz, you will be surrounded by a 360-degree view of Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountains. While the panoramic ocean view will take your breath away, don’t forget to turn around to contemplate the best view of the mountain range that stretches to the horizon in Puerto Vallarta. You can’t always see the mountains or have an idea of how great they are, making this a spectacular view of the green mountains.


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