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The best beaches south of Puerto Vallarta


There are 42 kilometers of beautiful beaches bathed by the emerald waters of the Mexican Pacific. Along this strip, you can enjoy small bays that can only be accessed by boat which are ideal for family reunions, couples or alone. Here you can do countless activities such as scuba diving, observe the flora and fauna of the region and watch spectacular sunsets.

Las Gemelas

They have extraordinary natural beauty and are among the most attractive in Puerto Vallarta. They are two beaches that are located to the southwest of Vallarta, their main characteristic is the fine sand with light gray color a wave with a slight slope and each one measures approximately 100 meters long.

Conchas Chinas

Beach of natural swimming pools formed by groups of rocks, is one of the most fascinating places and is a few minutes from the city. This beach is hidden between the forest and the mountains, an incredible place bathed by the blue-green waters and the light gray sand of Vallarta.


Possibly the most famous beach in Puerto Vallarta, it was the setting for the movie “The Night of the Iguana” directed by John Houston in 1964. This beach is located south of Banderas Bay at the foot of the mountains. It is a natural showcase to enjoy the sceneries that frame the image of Puerto Vallarta.

Las Animas

Playa Las Animas is divided by a path of rocks, clear blue waters, and shallow depth. Its waters are calm and allow you to dive or swim. In the surroundings, you will find restaurants of Mexican dishes and seafood.


Quimixto is a small village where about 300 families live. Walking through its cobblestone streets you will reach a waterfall that will steal your heart. Try the delicious dishes prepared here with fish and Mexican specialties. Everything is prepared home-style and by the sea.


Yelapa is a picturesque town with one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta. It is distinguished by its colorfulness, its traditions, and its friendly and helpful people. Walk through Yelapa and look for a waterfall with more than 50 meters that descends from the mountain in the rainy season. (From June to September) Something spectacular, as well as its beach which is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta.


Tehuamixtle is a beach barely 200 meters long. But when it comes to eating here you will find the best oysters and shrimp of all the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, which are recognized for their large size. It has an estuary where you can enjoy kayaking while contemplating the crops of the region.


Majahuitas Beach is located at the foot of the jungle in a spectacular setting. It has a cove and an underwater canyon that you should know. You can kayak and walk around to listen to the songs of native birds and reptiles. If you have an adventurous spirit, come and enjoy the beaches of Puerto Vallarta in Majahuitas.


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Christmas In Mexico!
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  1. Been to most of these beaches and all are lovely and worth going to. I started going to Mexico more than 60 years ago and it has changed a lot like most other places. The people are friendly and very helpful. I have traveled all over Mexico and have never had an unpleasant experience.

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