May 12

A real mexican-style hotel since the 70's


In the early seventies during a great moment of this port, Rogelio (Roger) Garcia Valdez, founder of Posada Roger, decided to take the risk and built a small inn [Posada] with simple rooms and common bathrooms on Basilio Badillo Street in an area that today is known as the romantic zone of old Vallarta. During those days, the place was not as well known as a hotel, but rather for the snacks and coffee that Rogelio sold to passers-by, which quickly turned the place into an informal and fun meeting place for friends.
It is very common that some tourists after having enjoyed a stay in timeshare or luxury hotels in areas such as the Marina or Nuevo Vallarta, and having discovered the Hotel Posada Roger while walking through downtown, decide to extend their vacation for a few more days to stay there in search of enjoying the authentic Mexican flavor that is always offered in this place. Posada Roger is a charming corner that maintains the original spirit of Vallarta.
Special thanks to Tammy Collins for sharing these 1979 photos.
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