August 26

Tehuamixtle: A tropical heaven beyond the bay


Getting in the car and taking unexplored routes to different places on the coast can be an exciting adventure, even for those already in beach destination like Puerto Vallarta. Thanks to the Sierra Madre Occidental range stretching behind the city, short trips to the area called Costalegre, south of Banderas Bay, allow to admire mountain landscapes along the way.
Tehuamixtle, also known as Tehua, is one of the spots located in this area, and locals frequently visit it for a weekend getaway.
To reach this quiet beach, take Carretera 200 Sur to El Tuito, a traditional village located just over an hour south of Puerto Vallarta. To one side of its main square lies the road to Tehuamixtle, a route that will take about another hour. Although this stretch of road is usually in good condition during winter and spring, it is advisable to proceed with caution during the rainy season (May to October). Tehuamixtle lies on the slopes of mountainous terrain that forms a small bay and overlooks cliff areas. The color of the sea is privileged location is captivating, ranging from light green to deep blue. The fine sand beach, which is less than a half mile away, is ideal for relaxing walks. In addition, water activities such as kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are available.
Being a fishing town, Tehua offers ideal anchorage for those arriving by boat. And from a small boardwalk you can watch locals make their catch of the day.
Be sure to try one of the shorefront restaurants, as Tehuamixtle is famous for its wide variety of seafood dishes. If you enjoy exploring new flavors and textures, ask for the famous oysters accompanied by a fresh coconut!
You will probably want to spend more than one day here, so you will be glad to learn that you can camp on this beach. Take a backpack and your tent and experience both the morning and evening views this magnificent locale offers.

Take a walk in Mayto

Fifteen minutes before arriving at Tehuamixtle, you will come to a side road that leads toward Mayto, a nearly seven-mile-long beach fronting open water. Considered an ecological reserve, it is home to one of the most important sea turtle camp preserves on the Mexican Pacific. Although not recommended for swimming or other water activities, Mayto is ideal for quiet contemplation.
A walk on the beach can be an excellent way to immerse yourself in the area’s tranquility, listening to the sounds of the tide and wind while admiring the immensity of the horizon.


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