May 23

Vallarta Pride 2017, the celebration to the LGBT community


The Vallarta Pride is the fifth annual party that Puerto Vallarta will offer to the LGBT community, where everyone regardless of their sexual preferences will be welcomed.
The festivities will begin on May 21 at the Mantamar beach club. There will be a DJ to entertain a pool party inspired by sailors and pirates. The price of the event varies from 500 to three thousand pesos per person. Depending on the package contracted, it can include: Lebanese bed in pool, towel and 1500 pesos in food and drinks.
May 24 will be the parade “Juntos con Orgullo” (Together with Pride) with which initiates the 5th edition of the Vallarta Pride 2017 Festival. The Puerto Vallarta municipal president and his family will be at the parade.
And for fashion and fashion shows lovers, designer Andrew Christian will be presenting his underwear line and will be accompanied by Venezuelan Daniel Arzola, creator of official Vallarta Pride shirts, with phrases that represent the community. The event will be held in Mantamar.
And for those gentlemen in heels, by Friday 26 there will be a Drag Derby race, organized by the restaurants of Pulpito Street. It consists of meeting military style challenges, such as climbing walls, target shooting with handbags, breaking a piñata in 30 seconds, and finally getting your best outfit to become a drag queen.
On the same day, women will be able to enjoy a “black dinner”, called Her Party. All guests must obey the dress code: black garments, for an evening with “youtubers” Bria & Chrissy y DJ Vo!d.
Finally, on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28 there will be smaller activities on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, you can go on a yacht or enjoy the different activities that Puerto Vallarta offers like snorkeling and sunbathing, dancing and eating local dishes.
At night, there will be a carnival party with light and sound shows.
On Sunday, Mantamar will close the Vallarta Pride in their pools. The event will begin at 11 am and will end at 5 pm.
More events on the official website:


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