May 6

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club


It has been quite a busy summer in Puerto Vallarta for Club de Jardines de Puerto Vallarta (the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club). For those of you who are here, you’ve likely seen the new teja colored planter rims and boxes that have been constructed along many of the highest used traffic streets – and if you’re not here, you’re in for a delightful surprise when you return.

New planter boxes and plants

Over two hundred planter boxes have been constructed along Avenues Insurgentes, Mexico, Ignacio Vallarta, and Francisco I Madero. The Club has also built a large number of planter boxes near Lazaro Cardenas Park.
Through the support of many, the Garden Club has been able to invest in these long-lasting structures. Not only do they capture the rain to keep the plants watered during the rainy season, but they add significant beauty to our beloved Puerto Vallarta.
All the boxes have been filled with new soil and about one thousand plants: Ixora (with colorful red or yellow flowers, also known as Mexican geranium), Durante (a bright green, durable, sprawling shrub often called Golden Dewdrops), Croton (a colorful and variegated evergreen), and the beautiful blossoming hibiscus plant. Where needed, there are also new trees, palms and bougainvillea.
Matthias Vogt, a long-time resident of Puerto Vallarta, has been the key person coordinating the efforts for getting proper approvals from the city, rallying volunteers, enlisting professional support of gardeners of VivaJardin and Contractor Fernando Salgero and the moral support of our Presidente Municipal, his Regidora B. Fong and, above all the Tourist office represented by Eduardo Eliseo Garcia Joya.

Who the Vallarta Garden Club is for?

When the city of Puerto Vallarta improved sidewalks in 2009, the Puerto Vallarta Garden Club volunteered to provide and implement a landscape design.
The colorful bougainvillea, trees and plants on major streets are the result of the consistent, hard work provided by city and club volunteers.
Our goal is for Puerto Vallarta to become “The Bougainvillea Capital” of the world. By beautifying Vallarta, we are creating an important visual and economic legacy for residents and tourists.
The Club’s mission is to beautify and protect the environment for the enjoyment of Puerto Vallarta’s residents and our visitors.
We are a registered non-profit public benefit Mexican corporation made up totally of volunteers dedicated to the economic development and beautification of our city. All working together, we can continue to build on the success of tourism, the lifeblood of Puerto Vallarta.
Visit: and on Facebook “P.V. Garden Club.”


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