October 19

Happy New Year 2016


Get the new year in Puerto Vallarta and celebrated with Hotel Posada De Roger, a Mexican fiesta fireworks, music and fireworks Puerto Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta lay off 2015 with a program of festivities in streets of Downtown, near Hotel Posada de Roger, with the presentation of bands and street artists and the traditional fireworks to welcome the New Year 2016.
On Tuesday 29, it will be held a large Kermes Abasolo street, a few minutes fromHotel Posada De Roger, where Mexican food, music and traditional games will have a nice time visitors, to 7-12 of the night. That same day at the Lighthouse pier, will have again the presence of the duo Arcano, at 6 pm.
On Wednesday 30, the traveling Kermes reach the street Mina, also located just minutes from Hotel Posada de Roger, where there will be Mexican food in a joyful popular festival, while the arches of the Malecon the duet will present “I’m not Frida or you Diego “, 7 to 8 pm, who fill the stage of folklore with its original style; will follow “Sara on the Moon” from 20:00 to 21:00, and the company “Fuoco Di Strada” with its combination of clowning, juggling and acrobatics, starting at 9 pm.
To dismiss the year, 31 will take place on Thursday the third traveling Kermes at Abasolo and presentation of Adriana Valero, Los Arcos del Malecon in about 18:00. At 7 pm, Adriana Santiago will continue with musical entertainment, followed by the band Joker Comedy Damn Band and Trio.
The last minutes of the year, was fired with the traditional fireworks display along the Malecon, to the beat of the music light for 30 minutes Vallarta sky to welcome the year 2016 in the best of environments.
Undoubtedly it is an emotional and spectacular party since it only comes once a year: eve, date in which thousands of people come to the center with its twelve grapes and are driven by the joy of the receiving a new year in a place like Puerto Vallarta, ideal to recharge energy and with very good attitude to start the activities of the year beginning destination.


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