October 19

Botanical Gardens in Puerto Vallarta


Among the many activities featured in Puerto Vallarta is a tour of the Botanical Gardens, located a few minutes from our Hotel Posada de Roger, a fine base from which you can enjoy various activities to put you in touch with nature.
Puerto Vallarta’s Botanical Gardens is considered, for the second time, one of the top 10 public gardens in the Americas.
There are different ways to enjoy this unique experience, which will allow you to discover the flora and fauna found near Puerto Vallarta.
(Travel to the Gardens by bus for about $20 pesos or take a taxi for about $300 from our door.)
Because the Botanical Gardens are located in the mountains south of the city, it’s important to bring:

  • Bottled Water
  • Sun Block
  • Insect Repellent
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Shoes for Hiking

The entry fee is $80.00 pesos per adult/children 4-12 years $20 pesos; if you are staying at Hotel Posada de Roger, we will be happy to arrange your reservations.
Visit us on this holiday—and take advantage of the Botanical Gardens for a wonderful time as you   explore and learn aboutPuerto Vallarta’s flora and fauna, just minutes from Hotel Posada de Roger.
More information http://www.vbgardens.org


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