October 19

12 Tips for your next Visit to Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the heart of the Bay of Banderas, beaches are considered among the finest in the world and is the largest bay in Mexico. For some it has become one of the most important and visited by foreigners and Mexican destinations.
Unique features with typical Mexican style as Hotel Posada de Roger, and tourist class infrastructure for all budgets and of course all the wonderful sunsets want FREE and for a lifetime.
It would be nice to escape to Puerto Vallarta a weekend or a week, right?… So you can plan the best way your journey you present , this list of 12 tips you should know before traveling to Puerto Vallarta:

  1. In the center of trucks can take the bus to “Downtown” this is a whole tour, as the buses are allowed to pass through a portion of the boardwalk: Admire the beautiful sea, the arches, the kiosk, the Cathedral, among other things.
  2. When you make walks along the beach or the boardwalk, places that are very close to Hotel Posada de Roger, and you want to cool off, try a typical drink of Puerto Vallarta called Tuba, is water coconut prepared with apple and walnut it is delicious!
  3. When you want to make a boat tour looking for tickets for your hotel, you will become cheaper, plus insurance, as there are many sellers who will offer them in the street. Hotel Posada de Roger perform direct bookings with tours.
  4. You should not miss the Cuale River Island, it is very nice! And best, a few blocks from Hotel Posada de Roger.
  5. Enjoy Old Vallarta Basilio Badillo Street, where Hotel Posada de Roger, where you can enjoy restaurants, bars, festivals and many corners that have remained intact despite tourism development is located.
  6. If you are a foreigner is better to pay in dollars Mexican pesos as prices rise slightly by the exchange rate.
  7. Use the yellow taxis when you leave the airport. They are cheaper than whites who are inside the airport. Just across the pedestrian bridge and there you will find the yellow cabs that are 50% cheaper than the airport.
  8. There is a jungle area that you can visit without spending much and without hiring tour guides. It comes from Puerto Vallarta by truck, and if you are willing to walk, you would take the pleasant surprise to find a true paradise. Asks Eden, near Mismaloya, 20 minutes from Hotel Posada de Roger.
  9. If you do not want to spend on taxis or trucks, better from renting a car, can save more and also find them at a good price.
  10. Eat in the markets is always a great way to save money, in Puerto Vallarta everything is close, ask the locals about the best “seats” of food to suit your taste. Near Hotel Posada de Roger is the Municipal Market, which is open from 09:00 am, where you can enjoy a rich breakfast and enjoy typical Mexican handicrafts made of 100% handmade.
  11. In the summer bring enough sunscreen for sun protection.
  12. Enjoy a sunset and a night on the boardwalk! It will be unforgettable!

Puerto Vallarta is a place where you can live in both family and friends, and that has everything.
Hotel Posada de Roger we have the perfect place for you near all the magic of our magical city.


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