October 18

Art and galleries on Basilio Badillo, Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta has a long history as a favorite destination for art lovers, thanks to the artists who live and work here. Puerto Vallarta has been enriched and is known for new and innovative ideas in art and design.
One of the places in Puerto Vallarta full of color and art is Basilio Badillo, located in Colonia Emiliano Zapata. Hotel Posada de Roger is amid a large number of Basilio Badillo’s shops dedicated to art, designer clothing, accessories, and innovative housewares.
Carol’s Boutique
Basilio Badillo #250, Col. Emiliano Zapata
Well established with two years in the market, Carol’s Boutique, located just across the street from Hotel Posada de Roger, brings you a variety of unique and comfortable clothing and accessories for men and women with exclusive designs by foreign, Mexican, and local Puerto Vallarta artists.
Adapting to the needs of its customers, Carol’s Boutique provides the option to place orders for special sizes XS, 2X and 3X, as well as shoes, bags, and beautiful jewelry.
Lalo’s Boutique
Basilio Badillo #241, Col. Emiliano Zapata
Tel. (044) 322 108 7200
Lalo’s Boutique, a small shop located just two doors from Hotel Posada de Roger, offers a variety of decorative items for the home, bags, wallets, jewelry and crafts, all handmade by artists, 100% Mexican, demonstrating our culture’s richness.
Lalo’s Boutique has been characterized its customers as a shop that offers a unique style of original artwork and contemporary art to their clients.
Puerto Vallarta is more than just beach and fun; Puerto Vallarta is a set of expressions, arts, and culture. When visiting Hotel Posada de Roger, don’t forget to stop by these stores, vanguards in crafts and quality. Basilio Badillo has not only increased in popularity in recent years, the number of businesses and their variety has increased, bringing new ideas, events, restaurants and entertainment. Basilio Badillo is a perfect combination of dining, shopping and culture!
All of these stores are located on Basilio Badillo.

  • Coni Spa Boutique (322) 222-4691
  • Arte y Cerámica (322) 146-4222
  • Tonalli Tienda (322) 223-3013
  • Banderas SoapBlends 044(322) 142-2955
  • La Fonda (322) 223-9447
  • Faith Colectiva (322) 113-0220
  • Kathleen Carrillo Galleries 044(322) 141-8867
  • Lucy’s Cucú  Cabaña (322) 222-1220
  • Jim Lee Events (322) 168-1983
  • Touch of Gold (322) 222-5681
  • Di Vino Dante (322) 223-3734
  • Galleria Dante (322) 222-2477
  • Ambos Galería (322) 222-3520
  • Peyote People (322) 222-2302
  • Masykova Beach Boutique (322) 222-6091
  • Cassandra Shaw Jewelry (322) 223-9734
  • Cerroblanco Gallery (322) 222-4169
  • Shazel (322) 221-0990
  • Carol’s Boutique (322) 113-0073


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