Traditional pilgrimages

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Traditional pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta

Traditional festivities are celebrated in the month of December and Puerto Vallarta is no exception , starting the month with the most colorful guadalupanos celebrations.

The traditional pilgrimage to the Virgin of Guadalupe celebrate in  the main streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta exposing her great splendor. The celebration of the virgin has always held a special place in the heart of Vallarta .

Each guild or organization had a date set for its procession and brought a gift that distinguished , were accompanying the dancers with their costumes and brightly colored Chermes worshiped with Espejillos plumes . They could not miss the devil and the old with wooden masks and whip to scare the kids and the rocketeer who , by current municipal regulations , have been eliminated . These pilgrimages culminate on the 12th, but the 11th begin the “Mañanitas”at 12:00 am and continue pilgrimages that will not stop until it begins the pilgrimage of the favored that part at 10 am and ends at two p.m. continuously as is done every year

For centuries , the Virgin of Guadalupe has – been revered for thousands of people in Mexico. Legend holds that the fall in one of his appearances to the native Juan Diego , the Manifested miraculous image on his cloak and coat today remains framed in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City . According to Catholic sources , the dates of these appearances were intermediaries September and December 12, 1531

In Vallarta , the celebration occurs pilgrimages to “Our Lady of Guadalupe”parish in the center of the tourist area . These processions have been held since the church was built in 1921 that began in 1942 with the purpose of carrying on a larger scale .

Pilgrimages begin regularly afternoon on Calle Juarez , however , some hotels and businesses prefer to start from their own localities . As they make their way through the streets , and the participants sing the praises of the Virgin of Guadalupe .

Along the way, especially in the city center of Puerto Vallarta , Mexican dishes sold varied . you can find a wide variety of foods : as pozole ( traditional soup ) , tamales , corn gruel , sweet fritters , fried plantains, toast , enchiladas and tacos among other options.

The largest pilgrimage takes place on December 11 , with a special tribute to the disadvantaged and the Lost Boys occurring around noon. The children wear costumes made traditional woven blanket material and pilgrims continue to arrive until 23:30 . Shortly before midnight , the faithful

meet at the Guadalupe Church to sing ” The Resume ” , a traditional song Latin birthday , the Virgin .

Hotel Posada de Roger invites you to join these pilgrimages and enjoy with your family.

Enjoy the  floats , dancers , pilgrims and all the excitement of a Mexican town ,

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