Hurricane Season is upon us!

While those visiting may have wished for clearer skies, thetropical rains of summer are truly an event to marvel at. The mountains come alive in June, the canopy teeming with bird and animal life of every kind.

Never ones to shrink under the challenges that weather throws our way, we stand firm and tall in solidarity with our fellow citizens and visitors to our beautiful city and offer some tips for enjoying the summer season as we wait for the sun to return.

Bird Watching

The rivers that were little more than a trickle a week ago, have become gushing fountains of life for the flora and fauna that inhabit the Sierra Madre mountains and the coast at their base. If you are a bird watcher, expect to see the return of the majestic Egret, listen to the boisterous macaws, marvel at the grace of hummingbirds, or watch in awe flocks of giant as pelicans dive into ocean to grab the fish that congregate at the mouths the multitude of Puerto Vallarta´s rivers.


If bird watching is not for you, then you can opt for an exciting canopy tour or mountain hike. There are several beautiful locations that you can enjoy like Canopy El Nogalito, Los Veranos Canopy or River Canopy. Take your rain boots and your raincoats and expect to get muddy. If you only came with beachwear, fret not you can pick up almost anything you need in Vallarta.


There are three major shopping centers in Vallarta and a plethora of Shops in the Historic Center and Along Olas Altas. Bin name brand like Pepe Jeans, The Body Shop and Nike can be found in Vallarta´s newest shopping mall. Liverpool, one of Mexico´s most prestigious departments stores is also located there. And you tire of shopping why not catch a film at the local…


Vallarta has 3 major Cineplex’s offering the very latest of block busting movies and independent Mexican Films. Most English language films are subtitled in spanish giving visitors a great opportunity to brush up on their spanish.


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