In essence, Vallarta is a village of tiled adobe houses with an adventurous heart, , dedicated to fishing, displaying scenes of iguanas, ocelots, parrots, macaws and doves. Any visitor of the port´s historical downtown will experience this, even though the area has witnessed alot of urban growth. Time entails evolution, and if united with an ocean of  multicultural waves it leads to new generations enriching this natural paradise.

Its municipality name, decreed on June 5th, 1918, was in honor of Ignacio L. Vallarta, a prominent lawyer and ex-governor of Jalisco. Acknowledged as a city in 1968, it has maintained the bay´s history in its coat of arms which consists of  four symmetrical quarters: one represents the first house built by the first settler on the shore, the next a motif when the village was upgraded to a municipality and its name was changed, the tird shows tourism as the main economic activity, announced by a sailfish, and finally there are two hands in a handshake in the bottom left square. They are the thought and work of the port´s inhabitants who receive all guests with great affection. By the way, about five million tourist visit this beautiful place every year.

One of Puerto Vallarta´s main attractions is the beauty of its streets. They are a perfect blend of mdernity and tradition. There is no better way to verify this then to take a stroll along the boardwalk where you can observe beautiful sculptures, narrrating more details of the town´s history. Some of the most prestigious residental areas are located south of Puerto Vallarta featuring homes nestled in the jungle with a sophisticated architecture, exquisite shapes and fabulous views of the bay. This is where the Sierra Madre Mountains meet up with the shores of Banderas Bay. It is a scenery of Eden-like beaches with a green jungle backdrop.  The streets of the city, especially in the historic downtown area, are paved with boulders from the river. They allude to the rivers that flow naturally through the city life, whose banks offer the pleasure of peaceful walks. The course of the Cuale River is one of theloveliest ones with cultural centers, restaurants and shops of Mexican handicrafts.

Puerto Vallarta´s Metropolitan Area, wich includes the Municipality of Banderas Bay in the north, has all the options for recreation, rest and celebration to satisfy the huge numbers of people present at its beaches. Artists, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs and everybody else who wakes up here in this paradise are fascinated by the archaeologial, ecological and mountainous areas, the historic and modern building, works of art, customs, traditions, legends and the breathtaking scenary.

Marina Vallarta is Mexico´s most sophisticated sports harbor and one of the most popular ones. It includes a golf course with 18 holes, a marina of 450 slips, 5 star and deluxe hotels and even major residential buildings with state-of-the-art technology. Just like downtown there are many shops, boutiques, galleries, cafes and restaurants. The El Faro (lighthouse) bar, opened in 1932, is located here. It was declared a historical monument in 1979.

Puerto Vallarta´s geographical diversity is apparent in its daily life, movements, residents and visitors. It is as modern as any international beach destination, featuring a first-class hotel infraestructure in addition to ethnic luxury villas. Vallarta´s prospects are very interesting. With regards to residential developments it offers real state investment options in different categories, applicable to any lifestyle, no matter wheter you want to enjoy this place part of the year, all year round or for the rest of your life. It is Jalisco´s second most important economic area and Mexico´s third ranked port. It is a place full of contrasts, with influences from countries like Canada, USA, Italy and England, to name just a few. Yet it maintains its traditional Mexican roots and many details highlighting the folklore of its people an their nature.

Article: HOMES LIVING & TRAVEL, Summer 2010