Tehuamixtle Bay, or “Tehua,” as locals call it, is famous for its clear waters and oysters.


There are three restaurants where tourists, mainly from attending enjoy Vallarta’s famous rock oysters and fresh fish.


There is also a small hotel of 6 rooms, and you can camp in some bower facing the sea and campfires in the light of the moon with the sound of the waves.


Sailing north, or to Vallarta, about half an hour are the “nose” are rock formations very productive for fishing.


Also in its waters can snorkel around the rocks or investigate the wreck in the middle bay.





Tehuamixtle is located 26 km from Cabo Corrientes and 75 km from Boca de Tomatlan.


By land:


To reach Tehua from Guadalajara, pass by Puerto Vallarta, and then take the coastal road to Manzanillo, halfway between Vallarta and Manzanillo, 1.5 hours from Vallarta, lies the village of El Tuito. Instead of turning towards the prey Cajon de Peñas, turns the main entrance of the Tuito into the ocean, is 44 km gap through the village of Llano Grande and Ipala.


By air:


The easiest way to reach Tomatlan is by air to reach the international airport of Puerto Vallarta and following the highway 200 south.


Modern Day Gustavo Ordaz International Airport, 6 km north of Puerto Vallarta, is the main path. At peak traffic of 450 weekly flights between domestic and foreign, especially U.S. cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Fort Worth and Denver.


Transport from the airport to the center of the city has reasonable rates. The passenger must pay the amount for the service at the taxi booth in the airport terminal where you are assigned a unit type that will take you to your destination.


By sea:


By sea, much of the year for luxury cruise ships from around the world and private boats, reach the shores of Puerto Vallarta. The city offers all the facilities to ships and tourists who dock at the marina for 400 boats.

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