Puerto Vallarta´s security

Puerto Vallarta´s security

here is very little crime in Puerto Vallarta. The occasional car break in, usually occuring around the very busy holiday times such as Christmas and Easter, presumably committed by people from outside Vallarta who are attracted by the crowds at those times.

The local police do a good job.

There is even a special force of male and female “Tourist Police” recognizable by their uniforms of white shirt, shorts and blue caps , like the two in this picture, Policía Turística, or sometimes with a Policia Municipal in a blue uniform. The members of this force all speak English, so if you need any help, even just directions, they are there to serve you. There are other officers in black caps that are the traffic police (Transito) and in. I spoke to a couple of tourist police and they said that the safari helmets kept breaking, if they fell off, I’ll bet they’re cheaper too. Miss the old ones.

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