Our Neighborhood, Hotel Posada de Roger

Find these different streets and places around our neighborhood, all with different things to see. Enjoy!

Hidalgo & Iturbide

Several pedestrian-only accesses to Gringo Gulch, behind the city’s Church of Guadalupe, can be reached from Iturbide St.

Cuauhtemoc at Isla Rio Cuale Pedestrian Bridge

The altavista Hill’s view from atop the new Gringo Gulch pedestrian bridge is worth the climb.

Matamoros & Iturbide

Most of the Malecon sculptures now can be enjoyed from the hill as they were repositioned accordingly at street ends, as is the case with Rafael Zamarripas iconic seahorse sculptures.

Rio Cuale Pedestrian Bridge

Sitting on one of the benches by the Rio Cuale Pedestrian Bridge allows for excellent people watching and the occasional good deals as vendor walks by peddling their wares.

Isla Rio Cuale at Insurgentes

Puerto Vallarta’s verdant oasis truly shines, welcoming visitors and locals to explore the island.


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