Night Transportation


The service will begin Friday September 16th, 2011. All routes will begin in downtown Puerto Vallarta and will turn just one block from Hotel Posada de Roger.

This service provides 15 trucks of union permit holders, 12 in use and 3 in reserve. They will be covering 111 kilometers from where they live.173 mil workers will be benefited and that are all primarily from hotel and tourism services.

This night transportation service will work from 23:00 to 5:00am, with routes that circulate only the main avenues, regardless of the origin or destination of the user, the purpose of this is:


·       Save money on transfers to those workers who work night shifts.

·       Economic saving for Puerto Vallarta visitors who do not have their own car.

·       For their safety.

·       Reducing traffic accidents by ingestion of alcohol, fun evening activities and tourism or leisure.

·        Support the economic revitalization of the resorts of Puerto Vallarta.


Main Areas of Puerto Vallarta

·       Hotel Area and Down Town

·       Hotel Area Marina Vallarta

·       North Hotel Area

·       South Hotel Area (without coverage)


Night Transportation Destinations

·   Ixtapa

·   Las Juntas

·   Mojoneras

·   Lázaro Cárdenas

·   Versalles

·   Bobadilla

·   Lomas de Coapinole

·   Pitillal


·   El Coapinole

·   El Mangal

·   Villa de Guadalupe

·   Emiliano Zapata

·   Centro

·   5 de Diciembre


We ask for patience on this new night transportation system, we ask each stop must have a minute of wait or more.

In the point previously mentioned, each unit shall have an internal monitoring system as well as a piggy bank to deposit the amount of  $10 pesos. (Mexican currency) this

 will be the cost of this transportation.
         All stops will be sufficiently lit, each stop will be identified and with information of the times the buses will arrive, with the certainty that the users shall arrive a few minutes before the bus arrival.
         None of these routes represent a problem for hotels in downtown Vallarta, as is Hotel Posada de Roger, among others.


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