Los Muertos beach in Puerto Vallarta


The beach los Muertos or also known as “beach of the sun” is one of the most famous and popular beaches of Puerto Vallarta. It is near bars and hotels including the Hotel Posada de Roger www.hotelposadaderoger.com that provides non-stop activities. You can feel the sand under your feet while enjoying the cuisine of the restaurants.

Also here in Playa Los Muertos you will find the famous pier where water taxis are taken to take people to the beaches of Yelapa, Las Animas and Quimixto. The bars in this area are the perfect setting to enjoy a sunset. In the pier you can practice different activities like, swimming, fishing, etc. According to popular history, the Playa los Muertos (beach of the Dead) was given this name because there was a cemetery at the site, some one took the initiative and decided to call it Playa del Sol (beach of the sun) but it called no one’s attention and continued calling it Playa de Los Muertos (beach of the dead).

Playa los Muertos has 3 legends:

First legend states that many years ago on this beach, pirates came ashore and stole what they could. They would take advantage of the habitants and would constantly create battles. There was once a big battle created and many people and pirates were killed at the site and that is why it was called playa los Muertos.

Another legend states that this beach was once a cemetery and when they started civilization they had to build another one but kept the name Playa los Muertos because it was a cemetery and the time.

The third legend states that long ago when Puerto Vallarta was just a small port, pirates came to hide their treasures. One day on a full moon, the captain who was the only one who knew where the treasure were hid, could not remember where they were put and realized all his treasures were buried. When he did not find anything, he sent the other pirates to search. After long hours of searching pirate found a large fortune, he realized it was the treasure. Seeing that; he did not want to share the information, soon all the pirates realized he had found the fortune and started fighting over it, they all killed each other but one lived to see all dead, and he decided to name it playa los Muertos.

The second legend has more truth because this area was truly a cemetery. Over the years, when the population began to grow and began to see that it was a tourist place, people began to build its restaurants and hotels. It is said that while they began to build the restaurants and hotels they would find bodies. That is why we are positive it was a cemetery before.

Playa los Muertos is on the South Side of Puerto Vallarta, it is surrounded by the streets of Basilio Badillo, Manuel M Dieges, Amapas and Rodolfo Gomez. Take a look and enjoy a nice breeze under the hot sun.




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