La Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta


The beach Los Muertos is one of our most visited beaches here in Puerto Vallarta, the location of this beach couldn’t be better, it’s placed right in the Romantic Zone, and it’s just a 15 minute walk from downtown.

It is near the river “Cuale”, which is just a couple of minutes away from the Malecon (boardwalk). This beach has fine sand and smooth waves, with gorgeous palm trees that provide a relaxing and unforgettable environment, with an extension of about 2 kilometers long.

Here you can find shirts, shorts, beach robes, bikinis, many different types of souvenirs, and gorgeous jewelry.  You can also find many types of different aquatic activities such as: The traditional banana (a long inflatable like banana, for 5 people that is pulled quickly by a boat) Jet skis and the Parachute that takes you flying over our beautiful city (it is pulled by a boat).

Also on the cost you can find a variety of restaurants whose specialties revolve around seafood. The versatility of this establishment is the choice of seating, you can sit inside the restaurant or you can sit outside on a table over the sand.

From this beach you can admire our coastal landscape were the view to our Island Las Marietas, our rocky islets and our famous Arcos (islets) is perfect.

The Beach Los Muertos such as many other beaches here in Puerto Vallarta emphasize the practice of snorkeling and fishing, the most common fish fished is the tuna, angel fish, el dorado, and the tilapia, this has become a beautiful sport just like our other aquatic sports.

The story most talked about this beach, is that many, many years ago, there was a grave yard on this beach. A man decided to propose a new name to this beach, changed to “Playa del sol” (beach of the sun) but it didn’t generate eco, so till this day it has been kept to Playa los Muerto. (Beach of the dead)


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