Festivities Guadalupanos in Puerto Vallarta


December is the month most awaited and special for its celebrations. In Puerto Vallarta is yet even more enthusiastic because of all the ingredients that have come together to form the fun festivities Guadalupanos most viewed in the region.

Throughout the days of the Virgin Mary parades the main streets in Downtown Puerto Vallarta will be at its maximum splendor. The Devotion to the Virgin has always occupied a special place in the hearts of Vallarta.

Previously the parades began December 4th and ended the 12th. Each organization had a day appointed for the procession and had an offering that distinguished them, accompanying the dancers with their costumes and colorful wardrobe with voluminous head pieces. The devil could not be missed and the old man with wooden masks and whips, it would scare the kids, there were also men with fireworks that because of the current municipal regulations they have been eliminated. These parades culminate on day 12th, but the 11th day begins with the birthday song at midnight and the days continue in celebration until the big parade of the benefited that starts at 10am and end at 2pm just as every other year.


The Hotel Posada de Roger invites you to be part of these incredible Vallarta festivities in company of your family while watching the floats full of decorations, with dancers and people marching full of laughter.



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