Choosing The Right Luggage

The key to packing well for a trip begins with good, sturdy luggage. When shopping for luggage, look for pieces with features that make handling easy. For example, luggage with wheels and retractable handles make maneuvering quickly through the airport much easier. Retractable handles are less likely to break and take up less space by collapsing into your luggage.

If you do not have a retractable handle, removable straps also work well. Keep them handy by packing them in the outside pocket of your carry-on so you can quickly pull them out when you need them. Removing straps when not in use prevents them from getting caught in conveyor belts, breaking and damaging your luggage.

Another feature you should have is a lock. Luggage locks should be compact and tidy, as dangling locks can easily catch on other objects and break or cause other problems. For added security, consider combination locks. Just remember to pick a combination that you can remember easily.
Though they are one of the simplest features, luggage tags can really save you a lot of headache if your luggage is ever lost. Many people use the paper tags supplied at the ticket counters in airports. These tags are better than nothing, but look for luggage that comes with built-in tags as they are usually much more durable than plain paper tags. Most importantly, don’t forget to fill out the tag with all your contact information and keep it updated.

Lastly, when shopping for luggage pay attention to the size, especially if you plan to use it as a carry-on. Ever-changing size and weight restrictions mean you should always call or check your airline’s website for their carry-on requirements before traveling.