Celebrating the Day of the Dead

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Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

The Day of the Dead, considered to be the most representative Mexican tradition of our culture, takes place on November 1st, dedicated to the souls of children, and on November 2nd, to adults. The origin of this tradition is a mix of Spanish and indigenous cultures. When mixed they share both their rites and ceremonies.

In Puerto Vallarta, people participate by creating gifts and altars for family members who have died. There is an exhibition held in the main square, just 5 minutes from Hotel Posada de Roger.

We honor our dead with offerings:

  • Portraits

Photographs of the deceased are placed on the altar.

  • Offerings

Popular belief is that the souls of deceased loved ones return to visit us on The Day of the Dead; We welcome them with offerings of their preferred foods, drinks, fruits, and other favorites.

  • Candles

An important part of the altar decorations is the candles; they guide the souls to the family to share and enjoy a beautiful night together.

  • Water

Water is set out for returning souls because they must be tired and thirsty after traveling such a long distance.

  • Flowers

The flowers are symbols of color and their aromas help souls find their way to the altars.

  • Bread

Bread represents the generosity of the living people to the visiting souls. The most popular bread is round and covered with white or red sugar—with stripes simulating bones.


The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition carried from generation to generation, in which the coexistence of the living with loved ones who have left the earthly side is celebrated.

We invite you to celebrate this November 1st and 2nd in Puerto Vallarta with delicious Mexican food and traditional Bread of the Dead made by regional bakeries. The event will be held in Lázaro Cárdenas Square, only a few steps from Hotel Posada de Roger.

The caravan ¡Viva la Muerte! will leave the Municipal Cemetery to the Municipal Market, located just 5 minutes from Hotel Posada de Roger, where there will be dancing, singing, cowboys, and fireworks.

Itinerary of Activities in Puerto Vallarta

November 1st – Lázaro Cárdenas Square, 7:00pm

  • Serving our traditional Bread of the Dead with hot chocolate
  • Mexican food Kermes
  • Folkloric ballet group Xiutla
  • Tri Mariachi

November 2nd – Municipal Market “Río Cuale”

  • Caravan ¡Viva la Muerte! from Municipal Cemetery to the Municipal Market “Río Cuale,” 5:00pm
  • Performance by the band Verbena Popular, 7:00pm
  • Festival conclusion, folkloric ballet group Xiutla, singers, charros (cowboys) association performances, Saint Catrina contest, fireworks.

You can enjoy this beautiful tradition with exciting altar contests, typical foods of México and other activities​​. Join us for Day of the Dead festivities!

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